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210 N. DALLAS STREET                            



Landmark Auction Services, LLP,

is a public auction venue.

We welcome antique dealers, shop owners, individuals buying for private use,

and anyone looking to enjoy

the excitement of an auction sale

and the chance of finding a true treasure.


Whether you are a seasoned auction veteran or a first time buyer (see tips below),

our friendly staff and well organized facility will make your auction buying experience

a pleasant, rewarding one.





Online Bidding – All items offered for sale will be individually photographed on our web site and online bidding will be active in advance of each sale.  To bid, you simply need to register through our secure on-line system (128-bit SSL encryption) and enter your maximum desired bid.  We will execute your bid at auction against other bids as though your were actually at the auction.  On-line bidding will be close one half hour prior to auction start time.  Successful bidders may arrange for shipping by calling or emailing us.    (Shipping charges are buyer's responsibility).


Absentee Bidding – If you visit our gallery to preview the merchandise, but can not return for the sale, you may leave a written maximum bid on any
item(s) with our auction staff.  Absentee bids are accepted on any day at any time prior to the start of auction.  We will execute your bid at auction against other bids as though your were actually at the auction. 


Auction Day Bidding – Join us at the sale to experience first hand the thrill of an auction.  You must register with the office in order to bid.  Grab your bidder number, a treat from our café and a comfortable seat in the gallery and enjoy the sale!




A 10% Buyer's Premium is

added to all sales.


We accept the following

methods of payment







All buyers wishing to be exempt from sales tax must fully complete a
Texas Resale Certificate with our office prior to registration.


The highest bidder is the purchaser of a lot, and a legally binding contract exists.  If a dispute occurs, the lot is immediately put again at the last undisputed bid.

Auctioneer may refuse a bid without giving reason.

All buyer's must register by providing name, address and government issued identification.

At the announcement of "SOLD", the lot becomes property of the buyer at buyer's risk.

All items purchased shall be paid for at end of auction and removed within three days.

All items are sold "as is" "where is" without warranty or guarantee.

Sale is without reserve unless specifically noted in catalogue or announced in sale.

Bidder can retract bid until auctioneer completes sale.  If bid is retracted, previous bid is not revived.  Auctioneer may then refuse to offer item for sale.

If buyer fails to make payment and remove items by times stated above, seller may resell by auction or private sale.





If you are new to buying at auction,

here are a few tips and some auction etiquette

to help you buy like a pro!


Make sure to register for a bidder’s card at the office.  You can’t buy without one.  Keep the card readily available at all times.  The auctioneer keeps a quick pace, and it can be awkward to hold up the auction while looking for your card.


Get a catalog when you register.  It includes the item number and a brief description of each item.  Items are sold in numerical order so you can plan trips to the café and stretch your legs without missing the items that you are most interested in.


Inspect each item that you are interested in closely.  Items are sold “as is” and many of them are over 100 years old.  At that age, some antiques (like people) will have a few character marks.  Check items closely so you have no surprises. 


Make sure you know what is being sold.  Each item number will be announce before the item is placed up for auction.  A photograph of the item being sold will be displayed on the flat screen monitors throughout the gallery. 


Do not be afraid to get our attention when trying to bid.  While keeping watch over our 6,000 square foot main gallery, two computer monitors, television monitors and a floor crew, even the best auctioneer can miss a bid.  If he does not see your card being raised, feel free to speak up.  A “hey”, “over here” or simple “yes” is will do.


Decide how much you want to pay before an item comes up for sale.  The key to a successful auction is keeping a quick pace.  Most auctioneers will sell an item every forty seconds.  They are unable to wait for a buyer to “think about” an item or discuss it with friends.  Research items in advance to determine value and bring your notes to the sale.

There are terms used in an auction that a savvy buyer should understand.  If an auctioneer brings multiple items up for sale at once, he may announce them being sold at "CHOICE".  This means the high bidder can choose one, two or all of the items, paying the winning bid amount for each item.  If the auctioneer announces that multiple items are "TIMES THE MONEY", the highest bidder must take all the items, each at the high bid amount.  If the auctioneer states the multiple items are being sold "ALL ONE MONEY", the winning bidder gets all the items for the single price of the highest bid.


If there is any confusion with your bid or the sale price, speak up immediately.  An auctioneer can resale an item if he knows about a problem immediately.  Once the auction is complete the sale must stand.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  The office staff and floor crew will be happy to explain anything to you.  However, once the auction begins, please refrain from asking questions to the auctioneer or the clerk sitting next him.  Their focus is essential to a smooth running auction.







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